The Grid Photo Editor

$1.99. Universal For iPhone & iPad.

iPhone and iPad Gridditor Screenshots

Gridditor makes photo editing faster and more creative by showing you filters in combinations you may not expect. The highly visual interface gives 49 thumbnails at a time to choose from, made of different combinations and strengths of a chosen four filters.

iPhone Screenshot

How it Works

Gridditor shows you four filters at any given time, one in each cardinal direction with your original image at the center. The farther you go in any direction, the stronger the effect gets. By arranging the previews in a grid, you can see the effect of applying multiple filters at once letting you edit faster, and showing you creative possibilities you may not have considered otherwise.

When you select the thumbnail with the changes you like, it will move to the center and become your new 'original' image, loading up four more filters for you to look at. If you don't like the four selected filters, you can select the original image to load up four more, or manually change the filters by pressing on their respective buttons.




Filters using a Focal Point:

Gridditor requires iOS 6 or higher. Maximum export size is based on Core Image's maximum image size, which supports the full size of images from the built in camera on iPhone 4S and 5, and approximately 2.5MP export on iPhone 4 and 3GS.


“An iOS Image Editor From The Future” - Cult of Mac

“Gridditor has an intuitive interface for picking and blending effects, letting you view previews for each effect. The app produces great-looking results.” - CNet

“If photo editing apps are you thing then Gridditor surely won’t disappoint.” - Redmond Pie

“Gridditor will likely expose you to ideas that you would've never thought of — stretching your creativity.” - iMore

Andy Ihnatko's App Pick - MacBreak Weekly episode 320 [Video] [MBW Picks]

Frequently Asked Questions

In what order are the filters applied?

The left and right filters are applied before the top and bottom filters. The only exception is the "crumpled" filter, which will always be applied first.

How can I tell which image is the original/center? How can I tell where I'm scrolled to?

The original/center image has the brightest frame of the thumbnails. The images directly left/right, or above/below which only have one filter applied to them, have brighter frames than ones on diagonals. The grid pattern in the background gets brighter towards the edges and can point you back to the center, and the filter buttons get more opaque as you scroll towards them. You can also look at the standard iOS scrollbars.

Why are only iOS6 and higher supported?

iOS is a rapidly improving platform. By supporting older versions of the OS, one limits their ability to use newer technologies. By starting out on iOS6, I can guarantee the availability of more filters for everyone using the app, and I'll be able to improve the software more quickly.

Are you my mummy?

No, and that gas mask on your face is creepy. [source]

Will there be an Android/Windows Phone/etc. version?

There are no plans at this time for any other platforms.

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What languages does Gridditor support?

Gridditor currently supports English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian.